Improv for Life & Stage Workshop

Elisabethplatz, Munich

Here’s your chance to discover the creative potential hidden within yourself. This workshop’s interactive exercises will focus on rediscovering playfulness, listening and communication, heightening awareness, and becoming more spontaneous.

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Now You See It – An Improv Workshop With Feña Ortalli (SOLD OUT)

Elisabethplatz, Munich

A Workshop with focus on the improvised stage. In this workshop, we will work on the concepts of use of space, focus distribution, the balance of forces and status, and framing, using theatre plays, movies, photos, and paintings as examples.



Just Sing! A Musical Improv Workshop with Bart Van Loon

Elisabethplatz, Munich

Whether you're a veteran improv singer or totally new to the scene, you'll learn some great tips and tricks to help you improvise rhymes, follow simple song structures, find the perfect chorus, and integrate a song into a scene.


€55 – €65

Improvisationstheater im Unterricht – Improv for the Classroom (in English)

Die Techniken, die Sie in diesem interaktiven Workshop erlernen und anwenden, unterstützen Sie dabei, gleichermaßen die sozialen wie sprachlichen Fähigkeiten Ihrer Schüler*innen weiterzuentwickeln.
This interactive workshop uses improvisation theatre techniques to enhance your creative skill set, aiming to promote students' use of language while allowing them to freely express themselves. You’ll learn a variety of games and exercises to use in the classroom, helping your students become more creative, open, and empathetic with one another while improving their listening and communication skills.