Bake This is Munich's International English Improv Comedy Troupe. They’ve been performing regularly since 2011, using audience suggestions to inspire scenes, stories, and songs on the spot! They love to bake it big on stage, and are well known for their hilarious improvised musicals.

Bake This Cast

Scientist by day, Improviser by night. Chris believes both passions are driven by the same quest for discovery, whether an unprecedented story on stage or new insights in the lab. Born and raised in Northern Germany, he's been an expat in Bavaria since 2012.
He also loves singing, dancing, running, programming, designing and, at rare times, even sleeping.
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Creative Director / Improviser
In addition to her duties as Artistic Director and acting with Bake This, Jodi is the Team Manager for the ImproEM, leads corporate workshops, and edits screen plays. When she's not on stage or hanging out with her two amazing daughters, you'll find her Deejaying, playing guitar, running karaoke parties, or organizing improv festivals.
I'm sometimes known as Jodessa or J-Dawg depending on if I'm frolicking through fields of grass or gangster rapping on stage.
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Improviser / Pianist
Originally from the north-west of England, Emma has been living in Munich since 2010 and discovered the joys of improv, quite by accident in 2016. As a gymnasium teacher, she has brought improv into the school environment. Her favourite genre is improvised musicals and she loves to be on the stage with her fellow Bakers.
Emma can play the piano upside-down!
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Enthusiastic, hopeful, gloomy, anxious and all in. These are all words. Whether they describe Cristina's stage presence or her actual personality, we'll never know! Originally from Romania, she likes to learn languages, play with her two cats and cook up kooky characters on stage.
Coming all the way from Connecticut USA, Tracey is an actress, opera singer, jazz singer, and a proud pet owner. If she's not cuddling with her fur babies, or on stage, you might just find her touring the country on her bike. She's hosted for Bake This on and off over the last ten years and is now a full member and improviser!
From Mexico to Texas to New York, Rachel has been in stages all around the world, with 'YES AND' likely being her first words as a child. While she's passionate about marathons and indoor cycling, she will always refuse to take the stairs. One thing she will never refuse is a good game of Dominoes or Charades.
In university, Rachel was the president of the cheese club.
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Elizabeth sang her way into the hearts of audience and Bakers alike.
Much like chameleons come and go in different shapes and sizes, so does Bogdan go by many trades: director, actor, engineer, socially awkward human (on a good day!) While searching for stability and structure in his life, Bogdan came across improv... the search continues; and while there is no land in sight, there is a clear silver lining: the journey is the destination!
Marketer turned improviser: Fatma is a fun loving person who can laugh about nearly anything. With improv, she can break out of the everyday mundane world and step into many different dimensions where rules don't always apply. As half German, half Egyptian, she blends together German precision and the Egyptian laissez faire which can sometimes break the time space continuum.
When this Southern Spanish girl first came to Germany she was 17, and she was amazed by the amount of cows you could see everywhere! Some years later, a mix of work, love and the memories of the cows brought her back to Munich. She loves dressing up for no reason, playing her ukulele, being late, the sea, the underwater world and the hot sunny weather, so it is obvious why she stayed in this city... isn't it? The cows! And improv, of course!
Stemming from Toronto, Canada, Jen has called Munich home since 2012. She is an actor, singer, teacher, writer, historian and steeps herself in the hilarity that is everyday life onstage and off. She loves Halloween, Iceland and has recently taken up Nordic Walking.
Jen once had an astronaut sign her baby!
Fun fact...
Musical Director
Born in a tiny Bavarian village, Bernhard's path as a composer and pianist led him to our beloved Munich. After touring all over Germany with his music for theater and film and self-written musicals, Bake This has managed to capture Bernie, where he continues to celebrate the spontaneous creation of magical moments. His enthusiasm is infectious!
He is able to play 5 instruments and to speak in 4 different german accents, but can’t manage to screw a dowel into the wall.
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Lights and Sound
Sahand is our improviser pro on lights and sound during shows.
Originally born in Berchtesgaden, Florian lives his life as a musician, author, coach, composer, actor, and director in Munich. He's got mad skills on the keys and he's an absolute joy to be around!

Local Guests

Adrian is a man of many talents. He spends most of his time improvising with Bühnenpolka or traveling around the country with his incredible band, Groovesteiner. He's performed in a couple of Bake This shows and often pops by to rehearse with us. Keep your eyes open, you might just see him again soon!

Educational Outreach

Teacher / Workshop Facilitator
After working for 10 years in the software industry in customer marketing, Linda changed careers and found her way into the college and university classroom where she spent another 17 years teaching. Born and raised in Northern California, Linda and her family have been living in Munich since 2018. After finding her way into the Bake This family, Linda takes her expertise in corporate culture and combines it with her passions for teaching and improvisation to help organizations and teams build confidence and communication skills through play and non-traditional learning opportunities.
Teacher / Workshop Facilitator
Anki is a Munich based improviser known for her high energy workshops and jams. Her main teaching focus is “attitude before skills” with a special attention to the joy in failing. She is the creator of Improvshine, an online space for jams, workshops, and a podcast. You may find her teaching improv in various groups around Munich, and you will surely recognize her by her very loud laugh.
Teacher / Workshop Facilitator
Sarah is a passionate theatre practitioner, performer and educator. As an artist and educator, her mission is to empower individuals and groups to communicate more effectively so that they can interact more successfully, achieve better results, and lead more engaged and fulfilling lives. Sarah founded, performed and directed theatre companies in Europe, the U.S. and China. Driven by her curiosity, she holds several degrees including Theatre Making as well as teaching degrees from universities in the U.K., the U.S. and Germany. Words to live by: "Play touches and stimulates vitality, awakening the whole person – mind, body, intelligence and creativity." (Viola Spolin)


Lincoln was one of the founding members of Bake This, until he returned to the US to pursue his film and improv career there.
Sarah was one of the founding members of Bake This, until she moved on to China and started her own improv group called Channel 21!
Dana was one of the founding members of Bake This, until she moved to England to follow her love of science.
Brett was one of the founding members of Bake This, until she returned to Canada due to her love of maple syrup.
Jessie brought literary words and smiles to the bakery.
James brought talent and light to the bakery.
Roni brought energy and physicality to the bakery.
Daniel lit us up on stage for our first 4 years... and also blacked us out when necessary. Then his nose caught a whiff of that magical maple syrup, and off he ran to Canada!
Sydney brought lots Californian sunshine to the stage!
A Bake This classic, John brought a lot of passion and fascinating characters to the stage. He is fondly remembered for his epic "Johnologues".
Felipe brought sound effects, physicality, and a deep love for the art of improv to the stage. He's off in India sharing this love there....
Paul was our resident expert on science fiction, dinosaurs, and super volcano-related scenes. He is currently on a well deserved paternity leave, but we hope to see him again on stage with us at some point!
Veronica was our Maltese secret agent specialized in all scenes from comedy to drama and had a knack for exotic character names (Shamima?). She is currently on a well deserved maternity break and will hopefully be back on stage at some point.
Esther was our fantastic Scottish acting queen with lots of irony, wits and accents on stage! Sadly, the Kingdom of Scotland was able to recruit her back to the island for now. But we shall not rest till we see her return to the old city of Munich. Haste Ye Back!
Lukas was one of the most inspiring and versatile Musicians ever to play with us. He could compose musicals out of nowhere and always had the right jingle ready just-in-time when it was needed in the scene. We are looking forward to further improv projects with him in the future!
Karen spent a short but magical and memorable time with Bake This. Now she's doing stand-up comedy in Canada!
A nurse by day and a seriously funny lady by night. She took her skills and charm with her when she moved to the UK.
Boston born, John supports the green energy transition by day, and makes his fellow improvisers shine by night. He has always enjoyed practicing mimicry, playing with accents, and assuming characters to add color and texture to his humor.
Lighting Tech / Photographer
Al was our expert for all technical support, photography and perfectly timed scene lights during shows.
She loves the stage and thrives on making people happy. She's been pretty much acting since she could walk.