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Bake This is Munich’s International English Improv Comedy Troupe. They’ve been performing regularly since 2011. Bake This uses audience suggestions to inspire scenes, stories, and songs on the spot! They’re well known for their fully improvised musicals. 

Alternative Facts – The Musical @ Gasteig

What people are saying…

Really enjoyed last night’s show. Full of energy, wit and of course lots of fun.
Audience Member, February 2019
That was so much fun!  I actually started choking on my burger from all the laughing…it was a good burger, but YOU were amazing!
Audience member, March 2019
Last night was awesomesauce! Great work folks.
Audience member, Feb 2016
Still nursing my fractured funny bone! Fabulous evening!!
Audience Member, June 2019
It has been a pleasure working with such a dedicated, talented group of artists. You clearly know each other very well and have an incredible connection. Keep up the great work!
Thank you for organizing this amazing course. Has been a transformative experience for me. I really want to try to be part of a regular (as in weekly, ideally!) improv practice. Thank you again for your kindness, patience, and positive spirit. It’s been a blast for me!
Course Participant, June 2015
You guys are amazing. I’m very grateful for having had the chance to work with you. Congratulations with the awesome performance tonight!
Improv Coach, Feb 2017
It was amaaaaazing! Bake this rocked it ! ‘I’d kick your ass if I had both my legs!’
Audience member, April 2017Super Hero Show
How do you guys know what to do and say? It’s like magic!
Audience member, Jan 2017
You guys were incredible today! Thank you for the treat.
Audience member, Feb 2016