Improv Workshops with Bake This

If you are interested in courses or workshops, please contact us at

Improvember - Munich's International Improv Festival 2017 Nov. 2 - 5

This year, we're happy to offer 11 workshops with more than 120 participants! We'll also be presenting a total of 8 shows full of surprises with professional improvisors from around the world! Visit our Improvember Website now to get your tickets before they sell out and join Bake This in the audience! Be sure to visit Improvember on Facebook and please LIKE us while your at it.

Munich Scuba Drivers - Improv Jams!

If you're interested in getting an opportunity for some regular improv of your own, a small group of Bake This fans are organising semi-regular improv jams in a private space. These jams are not structured or taught courses, but the organisers are hoping to create a safe and welcoming space for people of all ability levels to come and stretch their improv muscles.

If you want to attend or want to know more, you can apply to join the "Munich Scuba Drivers" group on facebook, or get in touch by email at