Improv Workshops & Courses with Bake This and Friends

When we played as children, we could be anything and do anything we desired, from flying through the air, to building a tree house on Mars. Over time, we learned the rules of society which enabled us to function as adults in the "normal" world. Yet, we still have that playful child inside of us, full of spontaneity,  joy, creativity, and a willingness to take risks. With improv workshops and courses, you can find that child again.  Re-learn how to think outside of the box, be less afraid, and to celebrate your mistakes! Improv is not only for stage, it’s for LIFE!

If you are interested in courses or workshops for yourself, schools, businesses, or other institutions, please contact us.

ImproMunichorn - Munich's School of Improv for Business

ImproMunichorn is Munich's newest school of improv, offering made-to-order improv workshops for companies, schools and improv groups. Available in English, German, French.

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Improvember - Munich's International Improv Festival

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