In August 2011, an international mix of theatrically inclined individuals decided to create their own improv group to learn some new skills. Thanks to Fridolin, their first rehearsal space (bakery named Brotraum) was soon found.  To this day, Bake This continues stirring the many ingredient of improv together.
Teachers that have inspired and taught us:
Roland Trescher (Isar 148), Patti Stiles, Jill Bernard (HUGE Theater), Billa Christie (Gorillas), Lee White (Crumbs/Gorillas), Klaus Peter Schreiner, Rod Ben Zeev, Lisa Rowland, Derek Flores, Anna Renzenbrink, Gabi Deeb (Taubenhaucher), Heather Urquhart, Órla McGovern, Noah Levin (B.I.G.), Flavian Reppert (Cie du Théâtre de l'Oignon), Vid Sodnick (IGLU), Kaspars Breidaks, Youssef Rebahi-Gilbert (Steife Brise), Inbal Lori (Gorillas). Bart Van Loon (Trickle).
Scientist by day, Improviser by night. I believe both passions are driven by the same quest for discovery, whether an unprecedented story on stage or new insights in the lab. Born and raised in Northern Germany, I have been an expat in Bavaria since 2012.
I also love singing, dancing, running, programming, designing and, at rare times, even sleeping.
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Artistic Director / Improvisor
In 2000, I followed my husband from Pittsburgh, PA all the way to Munich, and still haven't found the Ausfahrt. In addition to my duties as Artistic Director and acting with Bake This, I teach improv, edit screen plays, and record voice overs for commercials and audiobooks. When I'm not on stage or playing with my two amazing daughters, you'll find me Deejaying, running karaoke parties, or writing music and raps.
I'm sometimes known as Jodessa or J-Dawg depending on if I'm frolicking through fields of grass or gangster rapping on stage.
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Before I was an Improviser, I was a Volcanologist. I hunted volcanoes from the north of England, where Game of Thrones accents go to die, all the way to Munich. As I failed to build a volcano in Munich, I found Improv instead. I’ve taken to it like a duck to lava!
I was once bitten by an otter.
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I hail from the tiny island of Malta but moved to Munich in January 2016. Theatre is my passion and I have performed in a variety of shows from Shakespeare, to Greek Theatre, to an original physical theatre piece at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, as well as comedy sketches I wrote myself. I was lucky to discover the weird and wonderful world of improv when I watched a wacky show by Bake This! It was love at first sight and has been the cherry on the cake of my theatre experiences so far.
Veronica is reputed to be a spy for the gestapo...
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I first fell in love with the stage through theatre, then I discovered improv. Improvising has allowed me to create beautiful characters and stories on the spot in a way I never thought I could. Getting inspiration from the audience is an incredibly beautiful thing as we build the scenes together.
I am a terrible juggler
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Ciara brings a lot of love and giggles to the bakery.
"Gurken? Gurken?"
Once heard...
Baker MC
A professional opera singer by training, an amateur actor, bellydancer and avid biker and skier by love, Tracey has been involved with Bake This since the Fall of 2013. She originally came to town from America for a work project (and to audition for opera) and fell in love with the beautiful ExPat, biking, skiing, biergarten culture that is Munich.
When she can be torn off of her bike, Tracey can still be found singing in jazz clubs and on the concert stage.
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Baker Pianist
An award-winning musician and composer, Lukas Maier has established himself as a highly sought-after improv musician, playing with some of Bavaria’s leading theatre groups. With a special place in his heart for the cabaret stage, Lukas is constantly busy songwriting or composing new cabaret programs as part of various collaborations or writing music for theatre productions and musicals in greater Munich.
With his own jazz and pop choir "Anchora" (over 100 singers), Lukas also sets new standards in the choral-music genre with unusual (and often humorous) arrangements.
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